Monday, October 12, 2015

DIY Cactus Flower - Hair Accessory // Halloween 2015

Hello lovely people of the Internet,

I am back today to show you how I made a cactus flower to go along with my cactus Halloween costume. Let's just dive into this DIY project!

Supplies: pink foam sheet, pipe cleaners (yellow), hot glue gun, scissors, a pen, a paint brush, and paint (white, pink & yellow).

1. First, I started with just sketching out a simple petals design. I did this in two pieces so I could stack them and give them more dimension. The petals are three to a set so you can overlay them.

2. Cut out the petals. Mix white & red paint to get a pink that is a darker shade than your foam petals. I am just randomly painting on the petals to give it a textured look. I recommend loading your paint brush with only a little bit of paint so your strokes aren't so harsh and more "air brushed".

3. Stack your petals and glue the sides together. I am trying to get a cone-ish shape similar to how the flowers would grow verus just a flat flower.

4. Next, I cut two small pieces from my pipe cleaners, ~ 2 cm each. I folded the pieces in half to make a V shape.

Note: if you have yellow pipe cleaners then you won't need this step. I only had white pipe cleaners, so I had to paint them yellow to recreated the Stigma/center of the cactus flower.

5. Lastly, I glued the edge of both the V shaped pipe cleaners together and then glue it into the center of the cactus flower. Ta da, a cactus flower! (A simple version based off of this photo)


In my video, I just used fake flowers to make it easier. However if you have the time, I think a DIY cactus flower would make a great addition to your already amazing DIY cactus costume!

Another floral option is using your floral crowns! Many of us probably have at least one floral crown somewhere in our room. Instead of waiting for a music festival, bust out that bad boy & rock it this Halloween.

If you would like to learn how to make this floral head band then please [click here].

Thank you for stopping by <3
Until next time, let's be fronds!

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