Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I went out to dinner with a few friends to celebrate my friend, Pablo's birthday.
 It was a lovely night spend with good company<3

sheer "wire" top - Mom's (:
underneath i wore a nude, crop bustier - F21
semi-high waisted shorts - thrifted
knee high socks - gift from my aunt(:
navy clutch with gold bow detail - thrfited
boots - LA 

close up on my jewelry
my go-to necklace and cheetah ring

Monday, April 9, 2012

made my day!

A lovely intern came up to me... took my picture and interviewed me!! ^^
I was very shocked, nervous and a bit awkward like always haha.
(I'm sorry I forgot your name, but your outfit, hair, nails was awesome! :D )

So me being my awkward self, I let my nerves get in the way of answering the questions.. ugh haha
well I would like to personally redeem myself:

1.Favorite places to shop:
Not shop, but borrow- my mom's closet(:
Thrift stores
Any stores really: UO, F21, etc

2. Personal style:
Awkward boy meets dainty girly girl and everything in between.
I don't have a set personal style.
One day I could be wearing a floral dress with some wedges and the next I would be dressed like a lumber jack.

3. Style Inspiration:
I get a lot of my inspiration from lookbook and also youtube.
I love watching cothesencoutners, the fashion citizen, and many other fashion gurus.
I also get inspiration from everything around me. Since it's spring I am drawn to all those pretty flowers and I'm in love with all their colors.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


flowers from my grandma's garden (:

sorry pictures were taken on my phone -_-

roomies and i are starting our own garden!(: