Friday, July 19, 2013

What What What 20$ in my pockets....

Summer session is a big pain in the behind!! Thank goodness it's the weekends!

I decided to treat myself to a little thrift therapy and went to Savers & Salvation Army. Shout out to Pabs for the day trip to my favorite places! Go check out his blog, we will be reviewing a few sodas we picked out from BevMo.

Thrift Therapy Aftermath:

Who buys sweaters when it's 100+F ?!

ME!! because I love sweaters... 

I will be cutting this into a tank. I just really like the eyes.. kind of creepy, I know!

Kind of plain Jane, but stay tune for how I style them!! Also, I will try to start some OOTD posts because I want to get back to styling not just hauls after hauls.

I hope you all are having a spectacular summer!