Monday, December 30, 2013

kiss me at midnight.

As I get older, I realized that one year sure does go by fast! Only a few more days of 2013, but I just got used to it being the year of 2013 haha.

Most people look forward to a new year, new hope, new chances, and fresh starts. It's nice to believe that but for me it's really just another year with days, weeks, and months. You shouldn't really have high hopes that a new year will bring new luck, you make your own destiny and you have control over your own life. So if you want to live a more adventurous life, then go out and explore NOW! If you want to follow your heart and dreams then take the risk now, make it happen NOW!

Be happy & enjoy the little things in life(:

One thing that makes me happy & is one of my passion is FASHION, so here are a few New Years outfits: 

When I think of New Years, I always think of gold: fireworks, champagne, & festive lights. These three outfits are very simple in colors, because I personally like the minimalist look. Minimalist as in the color schemes, but I still like an outfit to have it's own voice and boldness.

I hope you lovelies enjoy the outfits & let me know which one you would wear! Or what you will be wearing on New Years! (:

Sunday, November 3, 2013

And She Says...

Hello Lovelies,

I just wanted to share with you all a little side project I've been involved with. I've been a writer for Her Campus at UC Riverside for a total of two quarters + one summer as of now and I am enjoying the experience!  Her Campus was founded by Harvard University undergraduates :  Stephanie Kaplan, Windsor Hanger, and Annie Wang. HC is an online magazine targeting female college students, with the mission of offering a survival guide for college, life, love, health and so much more.

If it isn't obvious already, I usually write about fashion! I occasional mention events occurring around campus that I oh so wish I could attend if my busy schedule allowed it. Please stop by my page if you would like to read the contents I write biweekly: .

I don't own this photo.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away

Seriously go away! Yes one more thing I'm not too fond of. Don't get me wrong, rain is great for many things like feeding the trees and plants. And who could forget about Sam & Austin's magical moment in the rain (A Cinderella Story). I just preferred to be out of the rain & be in a cozy bed with some tea + a lovely movie. That would be the best scenario, but unfortunately I am stuck on campus all day.

I do not own this photo.

So enough of my venting, I created a few rainy day outfits for the cozy, causal gal to the fashionista in any weather:

Rainy Day Outfits by postcardsfromliz on

I hope you enjoy the outfits I made & comment below: which one you would wear or what would you usually wear on a rainy day. 

P.S. Leave any movie suggestion if you have any(:

Thursday, September 26, 2013

something old, something new, & something maroon.

Today was my first day back at university and I wanted to pick out an outfit that represented ME, as of now. SOMETHING OLD is the striped turtle neck that I thrifted this summer, it's "old" not just because it's a second-hand item. It's because of my long love for stripes, as earliest as I can recall I have always been a stripes kind of gal. SOMETHING NEW are my jelly sandals, however I did rock a pair of blue jelly sandals in the 90's. It's new because I recently ordered them & I like to believe it represents my "daring" side where I will try new trends. Of course, it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I fancy them! I am at a point where I want to wear whatever I like and I don't care for negative feedbacks. Everyone should be able to express themselves in any way or form they choose to. Fashion is my expression of who I am or at least parts of who I am. SOMETHING MAROON is my skater skirt - aka my current obsession! Maroon is definitely a fall color for me. I can't wait til the leaves change colors, for sweater weather & stuffing my face with pumpkin pies!

The "how to study" book is one of the few items I thrifted from the ACT thrift store. I'm hoping it will come in handy this school year!

Friday, August 23, 2013

out of this world.

I spent a lovely day in San Diego visiting an exhibit at Museum of Contemporary Art  and feeding seagulls afterwards at the beach. Although, looking back I don't think feeding the seagulls potato chips was a good idea...

The theme of the art pieces was sci fi - expressing travel, space, transformation, and identity. I thought the art pieces were interesting and I did enjoy a few pieces. However, in my opinion, it wasn't really my cup of tea. I personally enjoy art that fall under the horror and metaphysical genre.

Here is a small collection of the art I saw today:


I am a SoCal girl, but I am not very fond of the ocean... I know, what is wrong with me?! I like the idea of going to the beach but I always reject it afterwards. The stickiness of the ocean breeze, the smell, and sand that ends up in places you didn't expect to find sand - yeah that does not sum up as a fun time for me. Okay that is enough with my rant about my love/mostly hate relationship with the beach.

Question: Do I look like an 8 year old in overalls?
And yes, I busted out a retro Asian pose!
OOTD: Overalls - thrifted (as seen in a previous post).
xmas socks with maroon converse.
black, sleeveless turtle neck - NOT AA

Rings: eagle head (as seen in previous post)
giraffe ring (left hand, ring finger)
a few basic thumb rings
a close up on the giraffe ring - isn't it tots adorb?

Seagulls be CRAY

Sunday, August 4, 2013

What's up Pasadena?! (part 002).

Getting to the 626 Night Market was definitely an adventure but worth all the detours to experience the amazing food, atmosphere, and shops.

You guys should check out the link above for more details about the market! The 626 Night Market only comes around once in a while, so make sure to plan a trip to enjoy this event. The price of admission is very cheap: $2 from 4pm-6pm and $3 after 6pm. There are so many food tents, you will definitely get to experience various cuisine and so many amazing cultures!

Monica is wearing a super cute maroon halter crop top with "staring at stars heroine harem pants"
I'm wearing thrifted items head to toes: Ralph Lauren sleeveless, yellow, tropical printed top paired with my navy Gap pants.

lamb skewers -- in my opinion it was okay I would have loved more favor or a kick to it.

CoCo milk tea - just like any other milk tea just a bit pricey...

Green onion pancake + egg = YUMMSTER!

Green onion pancakes

pot stickers

Could you tell I thought all these cups and lamps were so cool?!!

These were totally rad too!! You get to "design" your own notebook for only $5!
1. Pick out the front cover art
2. Pick out the paper
3. Pick out the color of your spiral wire
And they make your notebook right in front of you!! 

smells like teen spirit -- My favorite cover haha!