Sunday, April 28, 2013

name in lights.

Here's a DIY project Pablo and I did a while back for my birthday and I would like to share it with you guys!

Supplies needed:
> card board box
> globe lights (xmas lights would work just as fine)
> scissors & exacto knife
> ruler & pencil  
> twine 

I would advise you that use moving boxes, because it would be thicker and more sturdy.  Just start by taking the box apart so you can lay it out flat. Then you can start tracing/drawing your name or any word you desire. We decided to free-hand the letters so we just used a ruler to draw out LIZ. There is another option if you want your name to be more fancy. You can go into your word document, choose a font, resize as big as you want and then print it out to use as your template. After the letters are traced just use an exacto knife to cut it, please be careful and take your time. You can then plan out how you would like your lights to fit on each letter. I decided that I wanted spaces between each light, so I place the lights where I would like it and simply just use the pencil to mark where I need to make a hole. To make your holes, use the scissors to poke a hole through. Be careful for this step, you can always make a hole bigger but you cannot make it smaller. So depending on the lights you use, plan accordingly when you poke your holes. You're almost done! Now just unscrew your lights and place them into the hole and screw the wire in the back so it secure the lights. You can either leave this on the floor and just plug it in to check out your new sign or you can use some twine to hang it up, just like we did. I hope my instructions were helpful and easy to follow! Good luck with your own DIY signs!

Thank you for stopping by and happy DIY-ing! (: