Saturday, November 1, 2014

You are Now Exiting the Comfort Zone...

As I am getting older, I am trying to step out of my comfort zone to experience new things. Side note: I like to pretend I am frozen in the age of 18 forever, so don't burst my bubble... For this post I would like to single out one aspect of this "exiting the comfort zone" which took place today while I was shooting for a photo project.

I am not a photographer, I am  an observer. I feel most comfortable capturing photos of friends within settings I am familiar with. I personally do not believe this restricts or limits the photos I that I can create, because I find everything very interesting. However, the photos tend to seem like a continuous project and I want to branch out from the same old, same old.

My professor is always trying to get us to loosen up, grow as a person, and experiment with our approach of photography. So today I  traveled to a part of town I usually never find myself at or even knew existed really. At first it was intimating to go somewhere new and it was just plain amazing to be able to find it in the first place. But it was also scary, I felt I was not allowed there and especially not allowed to take photos. Then my professor's voice popped in my head and reminded me that photographers have RIGHTS

I think it's odd that we find things that are old,  run-down, and broken so interesting. It might look like just an old abandon building or just trash on the street but once you snap a picture somehow it gets immortalized as somewhat an interesting photo. I like to wonder if it's because we all what to believe that even if something may  be broken it still has it's own beauty.

And for funsies there's a video of behind the scenes:
(Warning: LOUD train!!!)