Thursday, December 20, 2012


There's most of the gifts from the advent calendar!
& the big gift (Dec. 14th) were two dress shirts(:

minecraft cubeecraft

warmer package for the cold weather (:

 My friend hung all three of the ornaments on his tree!! (:
poke ball, pikachu, and minecraft cake ornaments 

You can be as creative as you want with your gifts. You can pick out gifts you think the receiver may need (ex: post it notes, stapler, etc). You can make the gifts too (ex: diy minecraft cubeecraft & diy ornaments). && remember to add a few sweets & snacks to their gifts (:

 (sorry for the quality it was really late at night & with poorly lit rooms)

Friday, December 7, 2012

advent calendar gifts

I love the idea of an advent calendar, but I made a few tweaks and made an "advent calendar gift".

It's hard to tell but each gift has a post-it that is label for each day of Dec (1-14). The gifts end on Dec. 14th because that's when this quarter ends for my friend (gift receiver) and I. But of course you can have as many days you want with your advent calendar gift! (:

I tried to wrap each gift differently^^ (:

Things you will need/ steps in making an advent calendar gift:
1. first decide how many gifts/days you would want
            >>usually advent calendars start Dec 1st and end Dec 24th
2. make a list of gift ideas for the person you making this advent gift for
     or you can always do homemade gifts!
             --there are really cool/cute stuff at the dollar section at Target and
                Michaels which would make great advent gifts! (:
3. wrapping paper, twine, ribbons, etc. any wrapping supplies you would like to use
             >> I got most of my wrapping paper at Dollar Tree
                  & the twine was from Walmart
            && start wrapping!! make it as creative as you want!
4. label the gifts, so the gift receiver knows which gift to open up each day 

p.s. stay tune I will post pictures of the gifts later this week(:

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

D.I.Y. Flag shorts

I have always wanted to make some flag shorts. When I found some American flag bandana, I was very excited! I found these at a local flea market a few weeks ago. I am sure you can find some American flag bandana or fabric at your local fabric store.(:

supplies you will need:
1. American flag bandana
2. scissors 
3. needle and thread  
4. a pair of shorts
5. tailor's soft crayon
6. pins

 American flag bandana
 Sorry I did not take step by step photos, but I will explain how to make these shorts. First off, I can not take all the credit in making these shorts. My mom helped out a lot because I was hesitant on how to start, but it is quite simply when you get started.(: 

1. first cut the whole navy with star section
2. place it on the left side of your shorts and with a tailor's soft crayon mark the outline of your shorts
-you should give yourself extra fabric, mark it a few centimeter away from the exact fit
3. cut the fabric ... place it on the shorts.... and with some pins, pin it in place
4. remember to fold in the extra fabric and begin to sew
do the same for the striped side

ignore the crazy background haha

&& HAPPY 4th OF JULY!(:

Monday, June 25, 2012


I got to escape from summer session for a bit and had lunch at Portillo's Hot Dog.


forest green button up with bow detail - thrifted
neutral colors zig zag skirt - cotton on
cut out beige wedges - h&m (see details in my other post )

Sunday, June 24, 2012

night out with the amigos!

We started the night off rollerblading! Our outfits were simple and comfortable since we had many activities planned. 
This is Tyler ^
This is Kim^
Next batting cages! 

 And we ended our night at Corner Bakery.

Monday, June 4, 2012

D.I.Y. floral headband

It was my roomie's Jenn's birthday and I thought I would make her a floral headband(: I tried to watch videos on how to make it, but I didn't have the same supplies and I was going for a different look. So I kind of just wing the though thing, and it came out pretty good(: 

scissors, wires, fake flowers, floral green tape, and hemp string.  
I bought the supplies at micheals, wal mart and dollar tree.

p.s. I ended up not using the ribbons.

^^ Jenn posing for a photo.
She has a pretty cool room(:
Miss Jenn has good taste!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

i'm a kitty cat...

& i like to dance DANCE dance!

this is what i do on the weekends.....
kitty sweater - local swap market.
food - yummster!

thanks pablo for the photo(: