Sunday, September 14, 2014

Daiso Haul 001.

Well hello internet, how have you been?
It's been quite a while since I posted anything, but I am back!

A Daiso store recently opened in my side of town, finally! My roommate has been raving about this store for over a year now, and I get what all the buzz is about! I love Daiso, it's basically a Japanese "99 cent store", but its $1.50. The quality of the items are actually pretty decent and there is a variety of products from house ware, school supplies, beauty products and so much more.

Above is a photo of my Daiso haul: a few bike lights, multi-hex key set , multi-tip screw driver, a laundry net, make up remover wipes, nose strips, a few liquid chalk makers, hand lotion, muddler spoon, a reusable floral bag, a floral folder, and a camera tripod. 

I have only been to the store twice, but I am definitely hooked. So far, all the products I have picked up work great and the "extra 50 cents" does actually add to the quality of the products. I would happily recommend anyone to stop by Daiso and check out what the store has to offer. 

P.S. you can find me on their Cali FB page. I appeared twice, find me (: