Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Few Things I Fancy About Fall

Fall might be my favorite season and let me tell you why.

This outfit is consisted of all thrifted items and will be in an upcoming Fall Lookbook.

1. Fall Back, Spring Forward. It's that time of year again where we gain an hour of sleep. Who doesn't love sleep? I feel slightly productive "waking up earlier" even though I am waking up at the same time all year round.

2. Cooler Weather. I enjoy the summer time, but I am a big fan of cool/cold weather. During this time of the year, I can finally start busting out my sweaters. In the near/distant future, I would love to live somewhere that it's usually cold ish all year round.

Changing of Season. I love seeing the leaves change colors.

3. Tết Trung Thu (Moon Festival) is my second favorite Vietnamese holiday after Tết of course. It just brings back many fond memories of my childhood. I get to make mooncakes with my aunt which are super yummy! The night of the festival, my family and I will hang out in our front yard and just stare at the beautiful full moon. 

Let me know what's your favorite season & why?
Until next time, fall back on November 1st ya'll.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Favorites from August 2015

Bosica Luminizing Black Mask is a peel-off mask that absorbs excess oil and removes impurities. Ingredients found in this product are montmorillonite clay, pine bark extract, and vitamin C. The mask is supposed to remove toxins and leave your face with a glowing complexion.

I personally like the product, it left my face feeling soft and bright. I have read other reviews that mentioned it was painful to peel off, however for me I think the pain level is a 2 out of 10. The mask does remove dry skin and absorb excess oil. It does not however take out your blackheads, therefore I like to use a nose strip since my nose is a problem area for me. I would recommend that you pick up a sample at Sephora & try it out yourself! Overall, I would rate this product 8/10.

The white cut out shoes has been one of my favorite footwear this summer/August. I thrifted these beauty from Savers a few months ago and they were in great condition. I love that it pairs nicely with many outfits and it's not just a pair of boring oxford. I am definitely a shoe-lover, so I am glad I can pick up cute shoes from the thrift store that won't break the bank.

Thank you for stopping by, let me know in the comments what were your favorite items this past month.