Friday, August 23, 2013

out of this world.

I spent a lovely day in San Diego visiting an exhibit at Museum of Contemporary Art  and feeding seagulls afterwards at the beach. Although, looking back I don't think feeding the seagulls potato chips was a good idea...

The theme of the art pieces was sci fi - expressing travel, space, transformation, and identity. I thought the art pieces were interesting and I did enjoy a few pieces. However, in my opinion, it wasn't really my cup of tea. I personally enjoy art that fall under the horror and metaphysical genre.

Here is a small collection of the art I saw today:


I am a SoCal girl, but I am not very fond of the ocean... I know, what is wrong with me?! I like the idea of going to the beach but I always reject it afterwards. The stickiness of the ocean breeze, the smell, and sand that ends up in places you didn't expect to find sand - yeah that does not sum up as a fun time for me. Okay that is enough with my rant about my love/mostly hate relationship with the beach.

Question: Do I look like an 8 year old in overalls?
And yes, I busted out a retro Asian pose!
OOTD: Overalls - thrifted (as seen in a previous post).
xmas socks with maroon converse.
black, sleeveless turtle neck - NOT AA

Rings: eagle head (as seen in previous post)
giraffe ring (left hand, ring finger)
a few basic thumb rings
a close up on the giraffe ring - isn't it tots adorb?

Seagulls be CRAY

Sunday, August 4, 2013

What's up Pasadena?! (part 002).

Getting to the 626 Night Market was definitely an adventure but worth all the detours to experience the amazing food, atmosphere, and shops.

You guys should check out the link above for more details about the market! The 626 Night Market only comes around once in a while, so make sure to plan a trip to enjoy this event. The price of admission is very cheap: $2 from 4pm-6pm and $3 after 6pm. There are so many food tents, you will definitely get to experience various cuisine and so many amazing cultures!

Monica is wearing a super cute maroon halter crop top with "staring at stars heroine harem pants"
I'm wearing thrifted items head to toes: Ralph Lauren sleeveless, yellow, tropical printed top paired with my navy Gap pants.

lamb skewers -- in my opinion it was okay I would have loved more favor or a kick to it.

CoCo milk tea - just like any other milk tea just a bit pricey...

Green onion pancake + egg = YUMMSTER!

Green onion pancakes

pot stickers

Could you tell I thought all these cups and lamps were so cool?!!

These were totally rad too!! You get to "design" your own notebook for only $5!
1. Pick out the front cover art
2. Pick out the paper
3. Pick out the color of your spiral wire
And they make your notebook right in front of you!! 

smells like teen spirit -- My favorite cover haha!

What's up Pasadena?! (part 001).

The adventures of Monica and Liz!! We headed to the 626 -- Pasadena to go thrifting, sight seeing, and to ended the day at the 626 Night Market.

Cal Tech: All I can say is WOW!

Act thrift store:
In my opinion the thrift store was a descent size, clean, and organized. The prices on clothes and books were pretty cheap, however, I did not find any clothes I liked. It was a bust for me, but again it could be this one day. Act had a lot of furniture, which I thought were a steal. If you guys are interested in getting decent pieces for a really cheap price, definitely check this place out! Glassware, which are one of my favorite things, varies in prices -- some were kind of pricey so I did not pick up any.