Thursday, August 20, 2015

Let's Take a Minute & Enjoy À La Minute!

Organic, creamy concoction, and liquid nitrogen sums up à la minute. A friend suggested that PM and I check this place out. Love at first sight is what I would described my experience at this little ice cream shop. The location and decor of the shop caught my attention and the ice cream favors just sealed the deal.

The shop offers many unique favor combination and what's even more great is that 80% of their ingredient are local. All orders are made right in front of your eyes and it's so cool to see the process.

My first trip there, I tried the orange honey and let me say wow! I have never had ice cream like this before. It was very creamy and so delicate. The orange tasted so fresh that I thought I was just eating a frozen orange haha. Like a literal orange, pick it off of a tree and freeze it.

On our second trip, we tried espresso chip and it's a coffee lover's dream. It tastes like the perfect cup of coffee in creamy, frozen form!

As like a few other dessert places, PM and I are hooked. We basically would go everyday if we could! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

Until next time, eat more ice cream!

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