Friday, August 23, 2013

out of this world.

I spent a lovely day in San Diego visiting an exhibit at Museum of Contemporary Art  and feeding seagulls afterwards at the beach. Although, looking back I don't think feeding the seagulls potato chips was a good idea...

The theme of the art pieces was sci fi - expressing travel, space, transformation, and identity. I thought the art pieces were interesting and I did enjoy a few pieces. However, in my opinion, it wasn't really my cup of tea. I personally enjoy art that fall under the horror and metaphysical genre.

Here is a small collection of the art I saw today:


I am a SoCal girl, but I am not very fond of the ocean... I know, what is wrong with me?! I like the idea of going to the beach but I always reject it afterwards. The stickiness of the ocean breeze, the smell, and sand that ends up in places you didn't expect to find sand - yeah that does not sum up as a fun time for me. Okay that is enough with my rant about my love/mostly hate relationship with the beach.

Question: Do I look like an 8 year old in overalls?
And yes, I busted out a retro Asian pose!
OOTD: Overalls - thrifted (as seen in a previous post).
xmas socks with maroon converse.
black, sleeveless turtle neck - NOT AA

Rings: eagle head (as seen in previous post)
giraffe ring (left hand, ring finger)
a few basic thumb rings
a close up on the giraffe ring - isn't it tots adorb?

Seagulls be CRAY


  1. I love museums! And nice overalls haha.

  2. Thanks for including me in your post! Almost like I wasn't even there...